How can I remove Leadsie's access?

Removing permissions of the Leadsie application

We use applications for Facebook & Google to grant your agency access to your accounts, based on what you are authorising.

In order to remove all permissions from our application, you can follow these steps:

Removing the Leadsie Facebook Application

If you'd like to remove Leadsie's access from your Facebook, you can do so easily by heading to this link and clicking "Reset Facebook Application Permissions". After the page is refreshed, our application was successfully removed from your profile.

Alternatively, you can follow these manual steps:

1) Go to your Business Integration Settings under Settings

2) For Leadsie, click on "View and Edit", then scroll to the end and select "Remove"

Confirm by clicking on "Remove".

By removing Leadsie, you will be unable to grant access to any accounts or run audits, until you have re-connected our app. Access you have already received are not affected by this removal.

Removing the Leadsie Google Application

To remove our Google application from your Google account:

  1. Go to this link to manage permissions of 3rd Party Apps. (or alternatively, go to the Security section of your Google Account, scroll to “Third-party apps with account access,” click "Manage third-party access")
  2. Select "Delete all connections you have with Leadsie".

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