How can I get access to Google Ads, Analytics, Google My Business and Google Tag Manager?

Apart from Facebook assets, you can also use Leadsie to get access to Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google My Business. And we are working on more Google integrations!

The process to activate Google in your account is super simple - here's how it works.

1) For Google Ads

With this integration, clients can grant you access to their Google Ads accounts directly to your MCC (now known as Manager accounts) or to your personal Google Ads account, in 2-clicks. 🤘

No need to chase your client for their ad account ID or to accept your MCC invitation. With a sparkle of magic, we add your MCC to their ad account hassle-free. 🪄

To enable it, head to your Integrations, sign in with Google (make sure to grant Adwords permissions) and choose the MCC you'd like to use.

2) Google Analytics & Google My Business

To activate the feature, head to your Account settings. Under integrations, click to add your Google Analytics account email.

Choose the account you'd like to use with your clients:

Switch on the toggle to activate GA for your standard request links, or just hit save to use it only for custom requests.

If you require to have "manage users" access in Google Analytics - for example, because you need to be able to assign other team members after you get access, then switch on "Google Analytics Manage User Access".

This will, by default, ask for "Manage User" permissions. If this is the case, your clients will see this on your access request:

If you only require this access for some clients, you can also simply request it via Custom Requests

3) Google Tag Manager

The below video explains all about our Google Tag Manager integration. Enjoy!

Any questions or problems? Feel free to reach out!

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