Google Business Profile: How to use Leadsie with Organization Accounts

We are currently only able to connect Google accounts to Google Business Profile (formerly: Google My Business) accounts which are NOT part of organization accounts. This is a Google limitation and we are working with them to try to change this. Find out more about Organization Accounts here.

If you receive an error when selecting your Google account, your account is attached to an organization and you won't be able to get access directly to this account, but here is a workaround.

The workaround involves using an intermediary account which gets "owner" access. You can remove this access after getting access to the intermediary account through Leadsie and assigning your organizational account. The benefit of this solution is that your client can give you access to their location(s) with 2-clicks.

How do I know if I have an Organization Account?

It's easy to check if you have an Organization Account.

Go to and log in with the account you'd like to use with Leadsie.

After logging in, check the left-upper side of the screen. If it says 'Organization', this is an Organization acccount.

How to Request Access to an Intermediate Owner Account

1) Update Email in Leadsie

Go to the Google integrations page and scroll to the "Google Business Profile" section. Click "Change Email" and select a different Google account (or create a new Google account). Make sure that this account is not connected to your organization account.

2) Request Owner Account

After selecting the account, It should come through without an error. Before saving, make sure you also make sure to request "Owner" access by switching on this setting:

This setting will allow you to assign access to your organizational account. Your client remains the main owner (you become co-owner). You can remove this after assigning access to the organization.

Don't forget to save. 

3) Get Access and Accept Invitation

Once a client gives you access to this Google Business Profile, you will receive an invitation email from "". Accept the invitation with your intermediary account.

4) Share Access to your Organization 

Here's a video on how you can now assign access from the intermediary account to your organization account:

First, find the ID of the location group within your organization account you want to assign the location to.

Copy the ID and add this ID as a "new user" to the location in your intermediary account. Accept the invitation in your organization account, and that's it! 

You can also remove the intermediary account access now as it's no longer required.

This way, everything is super easy for your client, as they just have to confirm sharing access via a 2-clicks. 

We are working on a better solution to fully support organization accounts in the future. 

Get in touch if you need help!

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