Can't Share Personal Ad Account - What To Do

Unable to share your Facebook Ad Account through Leadsie?

In order to avoid errors further in the sharing and business manager creation process, we are preventing personal ad accounts to be shared via Leadsie.

What are personal ad accounts

Every Facebook User automatically has an ad account by default. However, this ad account only becomes active (and shareable) when a valid payment source has been added and a payment has been made for this account.

I still want to share my personal ad account, how can I do it?

Your personal ad account is not connected to a business manager, so first, you have to either create a business manager or add the ad account to an existing one:

1 - First, to create a new Business Manager, go to
If you already have a Business Manager, skip to step 5.

2 - Click on "Create Account" on the right upper hand side

3 - Define the account details

4 - You will receive an email to confirm your email. Go to your email inbox and click the link to confirm it.

5 - Go to the Ad Account section of your newly created Business Manager and select "Add an ad account"

6 - Add your ad account by inserting the ad account ID

That's it!

To share your ad account with your agency, you can simply go back to the Leadsie link your agency / partner sent you. You will be able to select the ad account now.

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