What can I do with Webhooks?

Webhooks can be used to trigger automations after you received access to client assets.

Using our Webhook, you can connect Leadsie with automation tools such as Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Make (formerly Integromat) or your own application.

For example, you could send an email to a client that successfully connected their accounts with you or send an internal email to a team member.

How Can I Use Webhooks?

In order to use webhooks, you need to be granted access to use our API. Please contact us to get access.

Once you have access you can see details about your API on the API page in your settings.

Here you can enter your Webhooks URL where a POST request will be sent every time one of your requests gets a new connection.

NOTE: You can specify the user Id by appending a parameter to the request URL ?customUserId=user123456

If this customUserId is left empty, then the response will not show a user Id.

Once a user completes a request, you will be sent a "post request" like the following to that webhook.

You can also set the userId adding a customer parameter in the connection page URL:


More specifically it will have this structure:

	user: String, // this will be set as the customUserId that was passed through to the page in the parameters
	accessLevel: "view" | "admin",
	connectionAssets: [{
		type: "Ad Account" | "Page" | "Pixel" | "Instagram Account" | "Catalog",
		name: String,
		id: String,
		isSuccess: Boolean,
		message: String
		time: Date,

There is also a video tutorial below to explain this in more detail and to show you how you can use this webhook with Zapier:

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