How does Facebook Asset Creation work?

Clients can create Facebook assets directly within Leadsie!

This includes:

  • Facebook / Meta Business Managers
  • Ad Accounts
  • Pages*
  • Catalogs
  • Meta Pixels*

*Pages & Pixels need to be created through the Facebook UI, but we send your clients to the right place where they can create these assets easily, and check if they've done after.

More on how the asset creation works in this video and below:

Step by Step:

1 - First, your clients need to click on “Create a new Business Manager, Ad Account or other assets” under Facebook Assets on the request page you've sent.

Pro tip: You can just append "/create" to the URL of your request, and send your clients directly to the asset creation flow.

2.1 - Either choose an existing manager (then continue to 5.)

2.2 - Or create a new business manager.

3. Click on “Continue”

4 - Fill in the new business manager information

Click on “Create new business manager”

5 - Select which assets to create within that business manager

Click on “Continue and Create New Assets”

6 - Once done, you will see a summary of the assets created

Click on “Continue”

7 - Finish Ad Account Setup

If your clients created an ad account, we'll prompt them to verify the business and add a payment method:

7 - Click continue & share assets 🎉

Once done, they just need to click on “Continue” and will be taken back to the access sharing page, where the assets they've just created will be auto-selected to be shared.

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