HighLevel: Automate Access Request Process Through Automations

Are you using HighLevel want to understand how you can set up automated workflows to get access to your clients' Facebook & Google profiles automatically and update your clients' status in HighLevel?

Great! In this video, you will learn:

1) How to set up an email in HighLevel that requests access to your clients' FB & Google accounts, linking the client with Leadsie

2) How to configure Zapier to update the clients' status in HighLevel

3) How to set up an automated email based on whether your client has connected their accounts.

We break down the simple instructions step by step here:

Any questions or problems? Leave a comment or email us at hi@leadsie.com.

Want to know what to do in HighLevel after receiving access to set up your client? Check our video on Connecting Google & Facebook accounts in HighLevel after getting access through Leadsie: https://youtu.be/ogKiVbFf7D8

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