Missing Instagram access? How Leadsie gets you access via the FB Page or Ad Account

Does Leadsie say you've received access to Instagram, but you cannot see it in your Business Suite or on your Facebook Profile? Here's what to do.

How does Leadsie connect Instagram?

Leadsie checks if your clients' Instagram profile is connected to the Facebook page that your client is sharing, and only confirms the connection if that is the case. So by receiving access to the Facebook Page, you'll also receive access to Instagram to manage posts & stories, run ads & message.

Yes, you heard that right. As long as the Instagram Profile is connected to the FB Page, you will receive access. Read more about that here.

Why don't I see my clients' Instagram under my profile / Business Suite?


Most likely, you will just have to assign yourself to the Facebook page (see screenshot below) - visit https://business.facebook.com/settings/pages/

Business Manager -> Pages -> Add People -> Assign yourself or a team member with the permissions you want.

Business Suite

You can see that you've got access by heading to your Facebook Business Suite, then make sure you select the right Page under the right Business Manager on the upper left drop-down:

Then you can actually create posts in Meta Business Suite: https://business.facebook.com/latest/home

*If you try to create posts, reels, or stories and you are prompted to confirm access:

It's most likely that Facebook requires additional confirmation from your client. Ask your client to go to Meta Business Suite and look for this alert, then click "Get started". (This is just a one-time confirmation that your client needs to do)


You will also be able to create ads for both the Facebook Page and Instagram account in your Ads Manager.

Our video explains the step by step:

We require full access to Instagram in Business Manager, can we request that through Leadsie?

If you want your client's Instagram account to appear as an asset in your Business Manager or you want to manage your clients' shop on Instagram Commerce, you'll need your clients to share access to the Instagram account directly from Facebook as an asset in their Business Manager.

You can request this access via the advanced access feature in Leadsie. It will walk your client through a manual step to grant access to the asset directly via their Meta Business Manager.

More about this here: How to request full Instagram access via Advanced Sharing

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