Auto-Assign your Team to Facebook / Meta Assets

Leadsie can now automatically assign your team to Facebook/Meta Assets once you receive access. This means you won't need to manually go into Business Manager and assign yourself to every asset.

Here's how to activate this feature:

1 - Open your Facebook integration settings

2 - Go to "Automatically assign your team to the client's Facebook assets after getting access".

You may be prompted to log in again to refresh the list of users.

3 - Select the users you'd like to assign. ✅

4 - Click "Save Changes" and it's done 🤩

Here's a quick video on how to activate this feature in Leadsie and what it does in Facebook / Meta Business Manager:

You can also choose who to assign for any new custom requests you're creating.

Note: We currently don't support activating auto-assign for previously created custom requests. If you really need this, please get in touch and we'll try to find a solution.

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