How to assign yourself to assets after getting access

Your client has granted you partner access via Leadsie - what's next?

In order to manage and run ads, post on their Facebook page or run audits, you need to assign yourself (or someone in your team) to the assets that you have been granted access to.

We've released a feature in April 2023 which automatically assigns you and your team to Facebook assets. You can learn more about this feature here: Auto-Assign your Team to Facebook / Meta Assets

Still want to or need to assign access manually? Here's how to do it!

Just head to your Facebook Business Manager, go to the asset you want to assign e.g. Ad Accounts, click on the Ad Account and assign it to yourself or whoever needs access. The video explains it all:

Here's the step by step

1 - First is go to your Business Manager, just type in

You will see that you need permission to access a certain account, even though you already receive access to an account.

How can you change that?

2 - Next is to click “Go to Business settings”

You will now be redirected to Ad accounts, and you will see that your account has not been assigned yet to your Facebook user.

3 - Now click on “Add People”

Then select your account, and other users that will also need to have access to manage the ad account.

Choose the permissions they need, e.g. “Manage campaigns”.

Click on “Assign”

4 - Click “Done”

You can also do the same process for Pages.

1 - Click on “Pages” under accounts.

Choose the page you have access to.

2 - Now click on “Add People”

Then select the people from your business manager that need access.

Choose all the permissions that are needed.

Click “Assign”

Click “Done”

3 - You can now go back to your Business Manager page and refresh the page.

You can now see the Ad account you are managing.

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