What exactly can I get access to with Leadsie?

Leadsie can get you access to the following Facebook assets:

  • Pages
  • Ad Accounts
  • Product Catalogues
  • Instagram Accounts (indirectly via Ad Account)
  • Pixels(indirectly via Ad Account or full manually via Advanced Sharing)
  • Domains (manually via Advanced Sharing)

And Google Assets:

Facebook Assets

Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts and Catalogues will be directly added to your Facebook Business Manager as assets you can assign to people.

Instagram and Pixels will be added to the Ad Account, and you do get access with the Ad Account. 

For Instagram, this will enable you to run ads using your client's Instagram.

For your client's pixel, you will be able to see events in the Events Manager, as well as create custom events and custom conversions.

Need full access to your client's Facebook Pixel or Instagram? Check out our Advanced Sharing Feature.

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